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  • Position sofas and love seats standing on end.
  • Clean and dry all appliances before storing them. Water in washer will freeze over the winter and crack all plastic housing. Wedge refrigerator and freezer doors ajar for ventilation and don’t forget to use the space inside for extra storage.
  • Drain all gas from lawn mowers and power equipment before storing them away.
  • Do not Store Any Flammable liquids such as gas, either, mineral spirits, kerosene, diesel etc.
  • Do no Store Fireworks.
  • Do not use plastic sheets on the floor or over the top of stored items.
  • PURCHASE INSURANCE for your stored belongings and take inventory or pictures of your belongings.
  • Keep your items off the floor to improve ventilation by making use of pallets, plywood, corrugated cardboard mats, etc. Suggestions to remember!
  • Use plastic totes to store items in rather than cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes can collect moisture from the air or concrete floors.
  • We Live in Wisconsin. Don't just assume once you leave everything will be just fine. Rapid Temperature changes and high humidity will cause water droplets to form on cold items in a storage unit.
  • Leave space around the perimeter of items to aid in ventilation or items will develop mold.
  • Leave space around perimeter of walls to also aid in ventilation.
  • Tuck fabric softener strips around items throughout your unit.. It is a natural rodent deterrent.
  • Do not store food or other perishable items that will attract pests or rodents!

Keeping Your Belongings Protected

Storage Suggestions